Our organization runs on the voluntary committment and dedication of an amazing group of professionals. Interested in joining?

Technical Leads

Technical Leads serve as mentors and leaders for our volunteer developer apprentices. Typically, a group of eight apprentices will work on a client facing project with one or two technical leads providing guidance and experience. The technical leads provide technical guidance and direction to the project as a whole, making architecture decisions, and providing feedback through pair programming and code reviews.

Product and Project Managers

We rely on Product and Project Managers to manage our client projects. Typical backgrounds include business, management or budgeting and possess strong analytical and team building skills. These volunteers are able to get the best out of the people and projects that they oversee.

Apprentice Web Developers

The driving force behind The Difference Engine is the apprentice developers. Coming from bootcamps, online studies, self-taught, college misfits, etc these determined career transitioners or starters work tirelessly coding for mission based on organizations while gaining real world experience. Becoming an apprentice starts here!

General Volunteers

The opportunity to volunteer with us doesn't stop at coding and product management. We have volunteers with various skills, perspectives, and time. UX/UI designers, Fundraisers, Event Planners, Social Media experts, Podcasters, and more... there is always an opportunity to engineer a difference!

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